International H.F. Mark Symposium 2019

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Autumn 2019



Some impressions of H.F. Mark Symposium 2017.

Reactive coating materials show very high physical and chemical resistance and are therefore used in many areas of industrial painting and coating. Regarding their structure, they cover a very broad spectrum of chemistry – coating systems often being based on epoxides, polyurethanes, polyureas, polyaspartics and polysiloxanes.
Consequently the properties and applications achievable are very diverse: From abrasion- and weather-resistant flooring systems, via applications within building and construction through to anticorrosive coatings, coating systems for utility vehicles, agricultural machinery and wind power plants.

Current challenges are still the achievement of sufficiently low processing viscosity combined with high flexibility of the coatings, curing time reduction (i.e. increase of productivity) and the request for solvent-free coating systems ('ultra-high-solids').

The H.F. Mark Symposium 2017, held in the framework of the Danube Vltava Sava Polymer Meeting (DVSPM 2017, Vienna) in the form of special H.F. Mark sessions, deals with new developments and trends in reactive coatings as well as concrete solutions for the described challenges.

This was the H.F. Mark Symposium 2017

At the 7th of September the H.F. Mark Symposium took place at the Technical Univerity of Vienna. Experts talked about "Reactive coating materials: Recent developments & trends". Here some impressions.